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Trading Department

The high frequency of administration forms, computer forms and labels show the ascending growth of demand in this market. As printing industry is a market, which demands massive investment and also needs relative experiences and expertise, so in order to fill this experience and information vacancy, a new plan was adopted.

 Administration department and correspondence centre in Tehran has communicated with machinery and equipment’s manufacturers and with the world of computer forms. The central trading division of our company has kept us up-to-date with its latest information of the market.

 Finally, our specialists have travelled to many countries in order to obtain the finest new and second-hand equipments, which have improved our company’s capability in the market.

 This Company enunciates its readiness to provide quick and affordable services in order to improve the computer forms, administration forms and labels production in the market. These services are as follow:

  •                   Offering new and second-hand machinery

  •          Offering all spare parts and consumption requirement which are used in forms and labels production such as punch, matric, perforating, blanket, roller and etc

  •                  Offering different kind of self-adhesive papers (both roll and sheet)

  •                  Offering different types of papers and cardboards (both roll and sheet)

  •                  Importing and distribution of various kind of NCRs and stationary papers (both roll and sheet)

  •                 schematization for printing and packaging machine’s maintenance.

  •        Offering technical services such as machinery installation, mechanical and electronic maintenances and reconstruction.




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