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Production Department

Tehran Continuous Papers is one the well-known printing companies in production of administration forms, computer forms, labels and paper processing industries.

This Company has been successful to satisfy its customers by concentrating on two major aspects of printing market, trading and production.


The services provided by production department are as follow:



1- Providing high quality administration forms, computer forms, and labels with serial number in accordance to the global standards, from one to five colours.

2- Producing different kind of administration forms, computer forms in different sizes from one to seven ply.

3- Producing wide range of postal, confidential and computer envelops in variety of sizes.



4- Producing a variety of special papers for ATM, POS, Cash and fax devices.

5- Producing different medical papers such as brain strip papers.

6- Producing a wide variety of labels in different sizes, using the high-quality self-adhesive papers.

7- Producing A4, A3, A5 papers.



8- roll-to-roll printing services (both Paper and cardboard)

9- roll-to-sheet printing services

10- sheet-to-sheet printing services

11- roll-to-roll cutting services (both paper and cardboard)

We hope that we could provide a service in printing industry.worthwhile





Our Customers and Colleagues are the most valuable factors for our Company